Performance at Cine Athens Saturday Aug. 23rd


Athens Tango Project will be performing at Cine Athens as part of the Milonga Tropical event on August 23rd starting at 7pm. Admission is FREE! For more information visit:

Also, there is a Facebook event for the event located here:

Performances with Tanghetto

A special thanks to Tanghetto and the organizers of the Argentina Food Wine and Culture Festival. Here are some clips of our collaboration with Tanghetto featuring Laura Camacho, John Cooper, and John Phillips playing Libertango with Tanghetto members.

Here is a clip from the performance at Hendershot’s Coffee:

As well as a performance of the song in Atlanta:

Olivia Tremor Control Cover Song Now Released

Our cover of Olivia Tremor Control’s I Have Been Floated is available on Bandcamp as part of the An Enthusiast's Fanfare for Elephant 6. It can be streamed and downloaded here:


Monique Osorio - Vocals
John Cooper - Violin
Laura Camacho - Bass
John Phillips - percussion and backing vocals
Will Cullen Hart - backing vocals
Mixing by John Cooper

Laura Camacho’s comments on the song: "This cover came up as a personal experiment to re- arrange the song in such a way that is recognizable , while incorporating tango elements such as chicharra, strapata, yumba, exaggerated vibrato in the violin , tempi changes, etc. I was inspired by artists like Mariano Mores and Astor Piazzolla . This is the most eclectic cover I’ve done so far, and I love to extrapolate the dramatic Argentine spirit with the trippy vibe of Will’s vocals, that resemble the original so much. I’m honored to have him in our recording !"

Olivia Tremor Control Cover on New Compilation Album Coming Soon

Olivia Tremor Control Cover on New Compilation Album Coming Soon

Will Cullen Hart contributing vocals

Athens Tango Project just completed a recording of a cover of I Have Been Floated by the Olivia Tremor Control. Featuring Monique Osorio, John Cooper, John Phillips, Laura Camacho with special guest Will Cullen Hart (Olivia Tremor Control and Circulatory Systems) on backing vocals. Special thanks to Will for his contribution and to Andy Gonzalez (Marshmallow Coast, M Coast, Of Montreal) for helping with recording.

Tango Tour with Alejandro Ziegler Cuarteto Tango

Laura Camacho and John Cooper of Athens Tango Project will be joining Alejandro Ziegler for a tour of the United States and Canada.

Oct 11 Tampa, Florida

Oct 12 Tampa, Florida -

Oct 13 Stuart, Florida - Craig's Dance Studio

Oct 14 Miami, Florida

Oct 16 Richmond, Virginia

Oct 19 Washington DC

Oct 20 Charlotte, North Carolina - Metropolitan Ballroom

Oct 21 Birmingham, Alabama - Handworks Studio

Oct 25 New Orleans, Louisiana

Oct 26 Houston, Texas - Hobby Center

Oct 27 Albuquerque, New Mexico - Milonga de las Puertas

Oct 28 El Paso, Texas

Oct 30 Los Angeles, California

Nov 2 San Francisco, California

Nov 3 Portland, Oregon

Nov 4 Vancouver, Canada

Nov 6 Nelson, Canada

Nov 8 Calgary, Canada

Nov 9 Kelowna, Canada

Nov 10 Seattle, Washington State - Dance Underground Seattle Tango

Performing With Vanessa Hay and Jason Nesmith of Pylon Reenactment Society

We are honored to have performed renditions of Pylon material with original Pylon vocalist, Vanessa Hay as well as Pylon Reenactment Society and Casper and the Cookies member, Jason NeSmith. We performed renditions of Crazy and Volume for this section of the show.