Olivia Tremor Control Cover Song Now Released

Our cover of Olivia Tremor Control’s I Have Been Floated is available on Bandcamp as part of the An Enthusiast's Fanfare for Elephant 6. It can be streamed and downloaded here:



Monique Osorio - Vocals
John Cooper - Violin
Laura Camacho - Bass
John Phillips - percussion and backing vocals
Will Cullen Hart - backing vocals
Mixing by John Cooper

Laura Camacho’s comments on the song: "This cover came up as a personal experiment to re- arrange the song in such a way that is recognizable , while incorporating tango elements such as chicharra, strapata, yumba, exaggerated vibrato in the violin , tempi changes, etc. I was inspired by artists like Mariano Mores and Astor Piazzolla . This is the most eclectic cover I’ve done so far, and I love to extrapolate the dramatic Argentine spirit with the trippy vibe of Will’s vocals, that resemble the original so much. I’m honored to have him in our recording !"